Returning Back to God’s Principles

March 28, 2019 4:00 PM

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About The Church

Our Community

Dwelling word and end time ministries is the ministry of the end billed for the change of the man on the planet earth.
Its a ministry of restoration, which the lord is restoring His likeness back to man through the Education of the end , which the Holy spirit is the teacher.
Dwelling word ministries is a moving train, carrying the elect seed of the kingdom to their last destination which is the kingdom.
Dwelling word ministries is a ministry where the lord rebukes, chestazed and correct His own.


Church Mission

Dwelling word ministries is a church of sonship, where the word born again in a man is feed with the spiritual food that leads to his growth and development , until he manifests his sonship in Christ JESUS .John 1 vs 12.
Is a ministry that gives us the shape capable of entering the kingdom of God.
Dwelling word and end time ministries is a caring ministry that works together with divine love for the disabled and the needy initiative in taking care of 58 widows, 80 disabled people, 30 Aged persons and 120 orphans including the lessprivllage families in our society.


Participate With Us

Dwelling word ministries in it’s target’s is to win souls from from all over the world to the lord.
To remind people of the purpose why they are created , and the reason JESUS died on the cross.
To also remind us that Heaven is real and hell fire is also real.
Most importantly to remind us that JESUS will be coming any moment from now to rapture His church without spots and wrinkles.
Dwelling word and end time ministries is gathering the end time army of God who separates themselves for the work of the end by representing JESUS in all they do.
We are the braid of christ JESUS standing , for Him ready to go with Him as He comes, for His coming soon,


Latest Sermons

Take Me To Church

The mission and vision of the ministry are,
1.Teaching of the word of truth.
2.Reaching out to sinners all over the world.
3. Training ministers and workers for the work of the end.
4.we are the voice of the voiceless ministers and small churches needed to be empowered.
5. We afflicted with divine love for the disabled and the needy initiative to take care of the widows, orphans, lessprivllage and Aged persons .
We source for funds from the kind hearted persons to build house for the aged persons and schools for the needy children in our society.



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